Equipment Financing

Optimum Working Capital can be of great importance for any growing business. We provide a wide range of equipment financing plans for a wide range of products to suit your requirements. For a mortgage provider, analyzing your client’s requirements can be easy and can help in availing the right plan for him.  Once your client avails our services of equipment financing under your referral, we channel 25% of the commission towards you. Any other services availed by your client will then be transferred to you. Along with multiple financing plans for the required equipment, we also have financing plans available to suit the needs of all credit types.

Our Financing Plans to Suit Your Requirements

Equipment Leasing

Leasing of all equipment, such as office printers to printers, security systems, and agriculture equipment can be availed. Capital outlay can be avoided by renting the equipment you require currently, and can also be disposed of easily. By leasing an equipment, you simply gain the possession of it for a specified period, during which the title of the equipment remains with the lesson itself. Any proprietorship, partnership, government entity, non-profit and professional can avail equipment leasing.


Merchant Cash Advance

This is a payment in a lump sum that a business firm, who is our client, shall receive from us. In return of the lump sum payment, there is an agreement that, a certain percentage of the payments that are made through debit cards or credit cards to the business firm for the sales it does, shall be received by us directly when such payment is swiped. For this service, we require that the credit card or debit card sales of the firm should exceed a minimum of $5000 a month and that it is running as a business for over a year.


Business Factoring

This is our most essential ancillary business financing service that we provide. Through it, a business firm can transfer their bills receivable to us and receive an advance payment towards such a transfer. The advance so received by the business shall be the amount of the bill after adjusting for a discount chargeable towards the credit period and other minute charges. It helps a business to enhance their business scale without raising extra working capital.